The History of Olive Tree Natural Hummus

Nowadays, hummus is certainly a popular dish that made it into the mainstream in the United States. But when we began making hummus more than 30 years ago, most Americans had never even heard of hummus! Especially, all-natural hummus made without preservatives was very rare indeed.

Over the years, we have experimented with and made many wonderful vegetarian foods like the beloved tofu nuggets, the “Savory Tofu” and the “Rising Sun Tofu,” which many of our customers very fondly remember.

Some years later, we prepared a line of more than 20 vegan soups for our local Takoma Park Coop, which were delivered fresh daily and were a very creative endeavor and a lot of fun to do.

Then came the fulfillment of an old dream in the form of The Organic Falafel Stand, which we operated from a food truck between 2008-2012.

But throughout all these wonderful creative initiatives, there was one thing that remained constant, and that was thriving to make the most authentic and delicious traditional hummus!

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