Read Customer Testimonials About Our Hummus

Kevin Macgarigal

Dolores, Colorado

Finding great hummus for me is like searching local orchards for great apple cider - a fun, yet challenging endeavor that involves lots of disappointments with an occasional surprise. My search for great hummus has involved sampling all the usual big name brands (e.g. Sabras) along with lesser known boutique brands distributed locally. When traveling I usually check out the "local" brands of hummus if I have the opportunity. What a pleasant culinary surprise when I was introduced to Olive Tree hummus in the metropolitan Washington DC area. I realize the hummus tastes are highly individual, but for me Olive Tree hummus has the perfect texture - not too coarse and not too creamy - and the perfect taste of 100% organic ingredients. Some hummus brands disguise the underlying hummus with excessive spices such that the product is barely recognizable as hummus. Not Olive Tree. All the various Olive Tree hummus alternatives that I have tried have maintained a strong "hummus foundation" accented by a delightfully subtle spicy variation. The hummus is SO good, in fact, that it is hard to open a container and NOT finish it in one sitting. SO, if you want to experience hummus euphoria, I suggest that you find Olive Tree hummus and give it a try - you won't be disappointed.

K. T. Cypress

Hello Olive Tree,

In my big family, I’m always the one who brings a fresh raw veggie platter to every family celebration. At our recent gathering I decided to bring one of each of the Olive Tree traditional and flavored organic hummus, instead of the usual ranch dip to go with the veggies.

I cannot tell you if it was the Roasted Red Peppers, Roasted Garlic, Black Olive or Traditional that were the favorite because there wasn’t a bit of any of your delicious creamy hummus or single carrot stick left over!

As for myself, I’m not going to wait for the next family gathering to enjoy your fantastic hummus. You now have a new loyal customer.

Keep up the good work!